Sony VAIO Duo 11 Ultrabook: Great Features & Specs

Sony is one brand name that is sure to attract users to whatever new they introduce to the market. There is no group of people all across the world that is not fascinated to the products of Sony or has not loved each and every product that this company has introduced and has launched in the market. The sole reason for Sony being at the topmost position in the market is that they have constantly proved that they use the best technology and the best quality hardware and software and continuing this tradition of giving the best to the people it has recently launched its new Sony VAIO Duo 11 which is an amazing new gadget introduced by this brand because it functions both like a desktop OS and a PC which is the best feature about this new technology introduced by Sony.

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Apple iPad Mini:12 Great Features Of Tablet

Apple has been in news constantly over the past few years for releasing some of the most amazing gadgets equipped with some of the most outstanding features and this year apple has reached new heights because it has introduced its new iPad mini which has become an absolute craze among all over the world. iPad mini is an extremely amazing new technology that has been launched by Apple. It’s just like a small pocket size tablet which is more preferred by people because it is definitely easy to carry it because it is smaller in size and this factor also makes it a lot lighter at the same time.

This tablet can be easily held with one hand and you can conveniently use the other hand to tap the icons. Talking about the looks it definitely has amazing looks which immediately people towards it. It has a very smooth and shiny back which is purely made up of aluminum which also provides it with a classy edge. Not only does it look classy but it also feels the same.

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