Sony VAIO Tap 20 PC Review

Sony has always impressed and attracted its users by introducing new gadgets very frequently and upgrading its technology to the best. It has always provided its customers with the best products with a wide range of options available to them from televisions sets to music systems to mobile phones, computers and tablets. The Sony VAIO series has become very popular among the people and the latest gadget introduced by Sony has also made its way to the hearts of the people and is in great demand.

This latest gadget is called The Sony VAIO Tap 20 inch mobile desktop PC. It is a combination of a tablet and PC. It is touch screen and has all the features of a good PC. It has a ten point multi touch screen and also has a built in battery which makes it a tablet.

Therefore the fact that it has the features of both a tablet and an ultra-book is absolutely true. Some might feel that the 20 inch screen is a positive point but it is not a light weight. It is definitely heavy. It weighs 5.25 kgs and is not as portable as a regular tablet. But apart from that there are many more features that make it stand out.

It uses windows 8 which seem to have jelled very well with the device. Sony VAIO Tap 20 mobile desktop PC is all set to be release in end week of October and will cost around £1000 (approx.). we have shared best features of this mobile desktop PC to keep our readers updated about latest gadgets. Have a look at these amazing features of this awesome gadget and share your thoughts in our comments section below.


1. At home anywhere

Get ready for some hands-on, free-roving fun. The VAIO Tap PC is like having your game room, movie collection, bookshelf and more all accessible on a take-anywhere 20″ touchscreen. Surf the web, balance your budget, play games and more wherever you want—from bedroom to living room, VAIO Tap goes anyplace the action is. Designed with multiple users in mind, you can explore it on your own, or invite your friends and family to join in the fun.

2. Never Shut Down

Whether you’re done for the day or just stepping out for a latte, there’s rarely a reason to power down your VAIO Tap. Featuring Sony’s Rapid Wake technology, simply enter into energy-saving sleep mode that helps keep data safe and secure. Battery drain is minimal, so your PC can stay asleep for days10. Want to rouse it from slumber? Press the power button and get back to business in about two seconds.

3. Made to move

With a built-in battery for cord-free convenience, VAIO Tap easily moves from kitchen to couch for the enjoyment of all. Simply pick it up and carry it from room to room-no unplugging or shutting down necessary. Its multi-position stand lets you tilt your VAIO Tap to achieve the ideal angle for any activity. Just push down gently until the position is perfect. Lay it flat to play board games, or prop it up to watch a video. You can even hold it in your lap while sitting on the sofa.

4. Wondrous Webcam

The built-in HD web camera features a Sony Exmor R image sensor which helps guarantee a crisp, bright picture-even in dimly-lit rooms. The webcam is perfect for snapping self-portraits, video conferencing with a client or catching up with your friends. You can even use the camera and a few simple hand gestures to take command of your computer thanks to VAIO Gesture Control.

5. Vivid visuals

Developed by the same people you trust to engineer incredible HDTVs, your movies and games will shine with exceptional HD picture quality. Equipped with BRAVIA technology for noise reduction, contrast enhancement and more, you’ll notice that images nearly pop off the screen with brightness and clarity. The generous 20″ LCD is equipped with IPS (in-plane switching) for crisp visuals from any viewing angle. It’s perfect when gathering around to watch a video with the whole gang.

6. Surrounded in Sound

Enjoy a captivating movie theater-like experience on your VAIO Tap. Two speakers and a sub-woofer combine with realistic surround sound powered by S-Force technology to deliver effects similar to the high-grade audio systems found in theaters. Each note of your favorite song and every classic movie line will ring with impressive richness and depth for truly incredible home entertainment.

7. The Ultimate Organizer

Keep your busy household on track with the Fingertapps Organizer app available by free download. Like a calendar and message board in one, your family can post reminders, to-do lists, voice messages and more. Publish your schedule and appointments so you’re all on the same page, and make it personal. Try recording a happy birthday song for your son, or posting a photo of your vacation destination on the days you’ll be gone.

8. Instant Exchange

Near field communication (NFC) technology makes it easy to share messages, photos, files and more between your VAIO Tap and NFC-enabled smartphone or other device simply by tapping the two together. Watching a YouTube video on your Sony Xperia phone, but want to see it on a larger screen? Just touch your phone to the computer’s NFC icon and enjoy. You can even switch from listening to music on your PC to listening on compatible wireless headphones with a single tap.

9. Become a Digital da Vinci

Create gorgeous “paintings” on your PC with pre-installed ArtRage Studio software. Get a host of digital tools that simulate real-world art instruments-like paintbrushes, oils, watercolors, pencils and inking pens-making it simple to produce natural-looking artwork on your computer. Best of all, there’s no need to spend time learning complex processes and techniques. With an easy-to-understand interface, creating art is fun and intuitive.

10. Abracadabra Control

It’s not wizardry, but it certainly seems like it. Just wave your hand in front of your PC’s built-in webcam, and like magic, VAIO Gesture Control puts you in command of a variety of features. Skip a song and adjust the volume, navigate webpages, pause or play a DVD, deliver a PowerPoint presentation and more-without even touching your computer. It’s fast, fun and incredibly convenient.

11. In Good Hands

Imagine an easy-to-use tool that helps you update, troubleshoot and keep your computer in tip-top shape. It’s called VAIO Care software – and it’s pre-installed in every VAIO Tap PC. Just press the ASSIST button to effortlessly install software, identify problems, perform maintenance and more. And if you need additional help, it’s easy to connect with a Sony expert by phone, chat or online support.

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