Sony VAIO Duo 11 Ultrabook: Great Features & Specs

Sony is one brand name that is sure to attract users to whatever new they introduce to the market. There is no group of people all across the world that is not fascinated to the products of Sony or has not loved each and every product that this company has introduced and has launched in the market. The sole reason for Sony being at the topmost position in the market is that they have constantly proved that they use the best technology and the best quality hardware and software and continuing this tradition of giving the best to the people it has recently launched its new Sony VAIO Duo 11 which is an amazing new gadget introduced by this brand because it functions both like a desktop OS and a PC which is the best feature about this new technology introduced by Sony.

This new tablet and desktop OS introduced runs window 8. Since it plays two roles it is very obvious that it is not going to be one of the slimmest ultra-book but it is definitely not extremely heavy or difficult to carry. It is 17.85mm thick and does not weigh much but just 1.3 kg. As mentioned before it is not very difficult to handle or carry and also the screen can be flipped easily and the mechanism that enables that is extremely smooth and simple.

The screen size is also big enough which is 11.6 inch and is extremely bright which increases the viewing pleasure even more. Another amazing feature of this new gadget is that the screen is fully HD resolution which increases the viewing pleasure further more.

But the negative aspect to it is that when it is folded the screen faces upward so if it is carried without a protective case it might be exposed to cracks or scratches. We always try to post new and amazing things for our readers this time we have posted best features of Sony VAIO Duo 11 Ultrabook. Have a look at them and please share your thoughts about this awesome ultrabook in our comments section below.

1. Built for work. Designed for life.

Imagine this: a touchscreen tablet and a Full HD laptop in one. It’s called VAIO Duo, and it opens up a wonderful world of possibilities. Use it in tablet mode for quick, convenient access to apps, photos, music and more. Touch, tap and slide your way through the web, or grab the included digitizer stylus to write notes and even draw onscreen. Need to draft a document or lengthy email? Just slide back the screen and type away on the full-fledged keyboard.

2. Superstar Stylus

Your VAIO Duo comes complete with a digitizer stylus that allows you to write, draw and tap the touchscreen with precision. Ultra sensitive, it captures even the most subtle nuances as you press harder or softer with the pen. When the stylus comes close to the LCD, the touch sensors automatically turn off so you can comfortably rest your palm on the screen while writing. The stylus comes with a variety of nibs -standard, felt, stroke and flex – perfect for writing, art and design applications.

3. Sensational Sound

Experience full-impact surround sound anywhere with Dolby Home Theater v4 technology on your PC. Whether you listen through headphones, the speakers in your PC, or a connected home theater system, a more captivating entertainment experience can be yours any time. Dolby Home Theater technology offers total control over audio settings so you can customize the sound for maximum impact. It even makes audio levels more consistent; set the volume once, and that’s where it stays.

4. Switch it up

Easily go from tablet to laptop and back again. The clever Surf Slider design allows you to effortlessly transition between the two with a simple sweep. VAIO Duo’s slender yet sturdy construction is perfect for toting and traveling – a compact form factor makes it light in hand and comfortable to hold. It’s the easy-to-access, touchscreen convenience of a tablet with the productivity potential of a laptop. Who said you can’t have it all?.

5. Webcam x 2

Snap photos and shoot video of the world around you with the rear-facing HD web camera. There’s also a front-facing HD webcam that’s perfect for video conferencing with clients or chatting with a friend. Both cameras are powered by a Sony Exmor R image sensor which helps guarantee a crisp, bright picture – even in dimly-lit rooms. And with select applications, you can use the webcam and a few simple hand gestures to skip a song, adjust the volume, navigate webpages and more.

6. Never Shut Down

Whether you’re done for the day or just stepping out for a latte, there’s rarely a reason to power down your VAIO Duo. Featuring Sony’s Rapid Wake technology, simply enter into energy-saving sleep mode that helps keep data safe and secure. Battery drain is minimal, so your PC can stay asleep for days. Want to rouse it from slumber? Press the power button and get back to business in about two seconds.

7. Gorgeous from any angle

Photos, movies and webpages all look stunning on the 11.6″ Full HD 1920 x 1080p touchscreen LCD. Equipped with IPS (in-plane switching) technology, you’ll enjoy a crisp image from any viewing angle – a feature that’s ideal when presenting to colleagues or watching a video with a few friends. Plus, the screen is tough and scratch-resistant to help withstand everyday use, so you can touch, slide and tap away without a worry.

8. Clip and Keep

See an image on your PC that you want to save for later, send to a friend or simply keep for inspiration? Use Active Clip and your digitizer stylus to trace or draw a freehand outline around the image, then save it to your clipboard for safekeeping. Or open the picture in the Note Anytime for VAIO app where you can draw on it, add notes or send it in an email.

9. In Good Hands

Imagine an easy-to-use tool that helps you update, troubleshoot and keep your computer in tip-top shape. It’s called VAIO Care software – and it’s pre-installed in every VAIO Duo PC. Just press the ASSIST button to effortlessly install software, identify problems, perform maintenance and more. And if you need additional help, it’s easy to connect with a Sony expert by phone, chat or online support.

10. Instant Exchange

Near field communication (NFC) technology makes it easy to share messages, photos, files and more between your VAIO Duo and NFC-enabled smartphone or other device simply by tapping the two together. Watching a YouTube video on your Sony Xperia phone, but want to see it on a larger screen? Just touch your phone to the laptop’s NFC icon and enjoy. You can even switch from listening to music on your computer to listening on compatible wireless headphones with a single tap.


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