Top 10 Must Have iPad Apps in 2013

The first impression of iPad was just enough to leave people spell bound about the amazing technology launched by apple. iPad has been equipped with some of the most amazing and outstanding features and only because of the amazing response that it gets by the people apple has been launching its new versions ever since. Most recently apple had introduced iPad mini which is a mini version of the tablet introduced by the company and is getting a great response from the public already because of the awesome features that they are equipped with. A good table needs to look attractive and should also feel classy.

It should be impressive enough to attract people in a single glance. A tablet also needs to have a good quality HD screen because people wouldn’t really prefer a tablet that does not have very attractive screen. Everything should be very clearly visible and the tablet shouldn’t be very heavy. iPad scores perfect in each of these fields.

It has absolutely stunning looks and the screen also is remarkable. It is definitely smaller but for sure feels classy in anyone’s hand. Talking about the app store, it is loaded with innumerable apps on everything that you would require. You can easily look for the app that you need. There are various categories into which the apps are divided or categorized such as business related apps that give you amazing apps on how to send business emails quick and easily.

These apps are also available in the entertainment section where you can use them to find the nearest places of interest in your locality or learn new interesting things and much more. This time we have listed best iPad apps for 2013 for our readers please have a look and share your thoughts in our comments section below.

1. NetSupport Manager Control

The NetSupport Manager Control for iOS provides mobile remote control for existing NetSupport Manager remote control users remotely from any iPad. The new mobile Control allows a user to quickly search and connect to both local computers by either IP address or PC name, or to browse, connect and view remote computers utilizing the free NetSupport Manager Internet Gateway component. The NetSupport Manager Control provides full remote control, chat and message capabilities of any remote PC running an existing NetSupport Manager Client (version 11.04 or later).

2. iSocial Connect

iSocial Connect makes cross Social Networking possible in a Single, Easy to Use App. In the latest version we’ve re-built and re-designed iSocial Connect from the ground up so the App is now even Quicker, Simpler and Better. The App has support for Facebook, Twitter, Google

Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Digg, My Space, Linked In, Bebo, Blogger, Tagged, Dribbble and Deviant Art.

3. iAuditor – Safety Audit and Checklist

Workplace safety audits, pre-start checks and inspections are faster and easier with the iAuditor app from SafetyCulture. Paperless auditing is now a reality with editing, auditing, sign-off and email of rich PDF reports all within the app. Browse through thousands of templates that have been shared by users. Collaborate and learn the smartest ways to build inspections forms in seconds. People all over the world are using iAuditor to collaborate across industries and work more efficiently. Over 1.2 million safety inspections have been conducted in just seven months using the app.

4. LogMeIn

Remotely control your PCs and Macs over WiFi/3G with the free LogMeIn app on your iPad or iPhone. It works with LogMeIn’s free award-winning software installed on as many computers as you like. You can remotely access your files, run your applications and control your desktops from anywhere. With everything at your fingertips, you’re finally free to go.

5. Photo Editor by Yourseft

There are photos that captures the very moment in life, and there’re photos that tell better than a thousand-word story.

6. Art Retro Effect HD

Art Retro Effect is the POWERFUL Antique creator available for your iPad. An amazing suite that allow you to create Old look Antique Photos. With Art Retro Effect you can select a photo form the libray, put old texture on your photo, add old Frames to it and upload it directly on facebook, save it or email it with just one tap.

7. iGrand Piano for iPad

Turn your iPad into the ultimate piano instrument with an extraordinary collection of ultra-realistic acoustic piano instruments along with built-in recording. Use the iRig KEYS portable keyboard or the iRig MIDI interface to connect your external keyboard to your iPad, and you’re ready to compose, rehearse, perform and record with the very best instruments for the iPad.

8. Reddzine

Browse reddit in a beautiful, easy to use, magazine-style interface. With built-in support for all types of posted content, simply tap to enlarge an image, play a video, browse a photo album, read text, or open a link. Flip over to read comments, post replies, vote, or share with friends. Use the intelligent search to discover and jump between subreddits, and “star” your favorites for quick access later.

9. iNetTools

iNetTools is a suite of network diagnose tools on iPhone and iPad. It provides frequently used tools such as ping, DNS Lookup, Trace Route and Port Scanner.

10. Flowies

Have you ever tried to make a flowchart, discovered the available tools are complex and confusing, and decided to just draw it on paper instead? It shouldn’t be that hard. Now with Flowies you can quickly build beautiful flowcharts in minutes, without spending hours learning how to use complex design tools. Then once you’re done, easily share them with friends or colleagues via email, social networks, or print them onto trusty old paper.

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