Top 11 Best Free Online Fax Services You Should Try in 2013

Fax is extremely important to keep in touch with people all across the world because all those who run big industries or big business houses need to maintain a network over all the countries and major areas. Making calls to these places is very expensive and moreover all the details cannot be explained on a call. Also important documents that need to be sent to various countries cannot be exchanged on couriers all the time. There are a major changes in the technology with advancement in time but the technology changes sometimes might be a little too expensive to afford.

Not all these technological up gradations might be helpful for the people or useful to them. Talking overseas has definitely become easy because of software that are available online using which video conferencing can be done very easily and also instant messages can be sent over mobile phones or social networking sites but if in any case some important document needs to be sent than a fax machine can only do the job and these fax machines are not very cheap because of which not everyone can afford it easily.

It is also a lengthy process and people who don’t own a fax machine will have to go to a particular shop where he will be charged immensely for the transfer. Therefore to solve this issue the internet has come up with an easy and inexpensive solution and most of the people who own an internet connection and a computer can resort to this inexpensive method of sending and receiving data through fax machines online.

These fax services are either free or charge minimal and you will also not have to keep a giant fax machine. This time for our readers we have listed

best free and cheap online fax services. Have a look at them and please share your thoughts in our

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1. Free Fax

Simple and easy to use. Simply Enter recipient fax number and name. Type in your message and free fax also sends you online casino a confirmation email to your email address.

2. Interpage

This is a free service offered by Interpage to demonstrate and promote our fast, robust, and reliable email-to-fax and other fax delivery services. Using this service, you may send a fax for free to any US/Canada-based fax machine, for delivery to the destination fax which you specify — generally in less than minute after you finish typing your fax and send it out.

3. RapidFAX

Experience first hand why RapidFAX is the easiest and most convenient way to fax. Start sending and receiving faxes from your email. Free trial for 30 days.


Just fill in senders and receivers details and type in your message and you are done. you can send 2 fax free per day if you want to send more then 2 fax a day then simply sign in and send your fax.

5. VIF Internet

This is also very simple and user friendly service to send free fax. Just fill in details and type your message and your fax is ready to go.

6. Wonderfax

WonderFax is a free UK fax number that receives your faxes, converts them to a pdf file and emails it to you as an attachment. There is no need for fax lines or fax machines. WonderFax uses top-of-the-range corporate fax solutions, delivering a professional fax service to you for free.

7. FaxZero

Fax Zero allows you to send 5 free fax per day and if you want to send more than 5 fax per day you can buy fax zero subscription which will be without ads.

8. Vbuzzer

Vbuzzer users anywhere in the world can now send free faxes to any fax machine in the US and Canada. Just a simple download and quick self install of the Vbuzzer Messenger, click the Fax Tab and follow the friendly wizard to complete sending a fax.

9. MessageNet

Send fast fax with MessageNet. Free trial period and then if you want to continue you can subscribe for this service.

10. MyFax

With My Fax send fax anywhere in the world from your computer. Free trial for 30days and after that you can pay or it on a monthly basis or yearly basis and you can cancel it anytime.


You can send free fax for a limited period and you will get a

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fax number after filling a form. You can simply subscribe for a service which suits you when your trial period expires.

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Ngan Tengyuen on December 9, 2012 at 3:25 pm.

HelloFax, JoyFax and many more are new. Remember to compare before subscribing to any of these service.


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