10 New And Amazing iPad Games

Apple’s amazing technology has been able to give the people all across the world some amazing gadgets and people have always loved all the latest gadgets that the company has ever offered. It’s most amazing gadget introduced ever is its outstanding tablet which came to be known as iPad. This amazing tablet has now released its third version and is equipped with latest technology and features and is sure to attract many users towards it.

Although it is not much different from the other versions of the iPad but it definitely is more advance and better with the various features that it has. It has an amazing display which is high definition which makes the viewing experience even better. The screen is big enough to make every experience with this version of iPad very enjoyable and amazing. Talking about the app store everyone these days is addicted to playing games. The iPad is definitely the best gadget and the best tablet to play games because of the screen size and its view.

The app store of this amazing gadget is filled with games of all genres. People can choose from a wide variety of games that are available and can completely enjoy the gaming experience with some of their favourite games. These amazing games have been added in the app store and divided in different genres keeping in mind the various interests of the people. Not everyone likes playing the same categories of games.

Therefore the games have been divided in groups such as action, arcade or even board games. You can play a wide range of games and the screen and the view of The New iPad makes the gaming experience a totally different and wonderful experience. We always try to share best and new things with our readers and today we have listed New best iPad games. Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

1. Angry Gran Run

Take to the streets with ANGRY GRAN RUN. Our Angry Gran has been locked away in the Angry Asylum, she”s plotting her escape, and she needs YOU to guide her through the streets once she”s busted out. Run, jump and slide over and around tons of different and WACKY obstacles in this crazy new running game. THE PUNKS ARE BACK! Bash them out the way and grab their coins to clear up the streets once and for all.

2. Bad Piggies HD

The Bad Piggies are after the eggs again – but as usual, nothing is going according to plan! Can you create the ultimate flying machine and steer them safely to their destination? Those tricky pigs have a few objects they can use, but they need your help to turn these into the perfect transportation.

3. Crazy Taxi

Hey hey, come on over and have some fun with Crrrrrazy Taxi! Barrel through traffic packed streets, hurdle off parking garages, and crazy combo your way to crazy money in a wild frantic race to scare up the most fares. In Crazy Taxi, time is money, and only the craziest cabbies come out victorious.

4. True Skate

The most authentic skateboarding game available on iOS or any other platform. The only thing more authentic, is an actual skateboard.

5. Bike Baron

What happens when you put the developers of Minigore, Death Rally and Aqua Globs together with the composer of Angry Birds and Trine? PURE MAGIC. Bike Baron is a ride you will never forget. Bike Baron comes with a full-featured level editor that we used to create all the levels in the game. Over 250000 beste online casino levels created so far.


6. Ragdoll Blaster 3: Deluxe HD

Ragdoll Blaster 3 Deluxe HD is a completely redesigned, free, enhanced version of Ragdoll Blaster 3, which was previously selected as Apple”s “Game Of The Week”. Deluxe includes 25 new levels, the Ariel Armada world, the explosive Bomb Ragdoll, and other updated features.

7. Slingshot Racing

Slingshot Racing is an original racing game developed exclusively for iOS devices. Behold a beautiful steampunk environment with ice tracks, grappling hooks, snowmen and more.

8. Indestructible

Grab the wheel, load up your guns, hit the road and leave the mangled wrecks of your victories in the dust as you battle to become the best in the exciting vehicular combat game Indestructible.

9. Punch Quest

Punch Quest is an arcade-style fighting game, entirely controlled by taps with your left and right thumbs. Jab, uppercut, slam, and otherwise pummel your way through dungeons full of monsters, branching path choices, rare events, and fragile pottery.

10. Mirrors of Albion HD

Mirrors of Albion is the newest hidden-object game from Game Insight, creators of the smash-hit, Mystery Manor. This enthralling new game takes place in a mystical version of Victorian England, combining the mysteries and detective work of Sherlock Holmes with the captivating fantasy of Alice in Wonderland. In Mirrors of Albion, you”ll explore totally new take on Victorian-era London fraught with intrigue, crime, and suspense. Solve challenging puzzles and experience the game”s unique story by tackling countless quests in your eventual mission to foil the evil machinations of the Red Queen. Download Mirrors of Albion and begin your adventure now!

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