Top 10 Best Antivirus Software 0f 2013 For Windows Users

Internet has been growing immensely over the past few years. It has been offering some of the best services to the people since many years and its importance keeps on growing with the years. Internet has been providing the people with all the necessary information about everything and so the people can trust it for most of its purposes. But in the recent years there are a lot of spam and viruses being found on the internet and people who cannot verify or make out the difference between the real websites and the fake ones generally tend to download these viruses by fault.

Sometimes people might also surf websites which may already have spam or virus and they might download them unknowingly which might harm their computer to a great extent. Viruses cannot only enter the computer through the internet but there are many external sources that can be prone to viruses such as any CD or USB sticks may contain viruses and mostly pirated discs also contain virus that is very harmful for the computer system. To avoid viruses form entering the computer and if they enter they need to be removed. For this purposes software called antivirus is used.

What it does is that it prevents any kind of virus from entering the computer and if any virus enters the computer the antivirus scans it and it removes or ejects that virus from the computer system very effectively. There are a lot of amazing antiviruses available on the internet and people can download them from the web absolutely free of cost.

These antiviruses can be really effective if used correctly. Antiviruses are very easy to download and use and can really help in protecting the computer from spam and viruses. Today we have listed some best Antivirus software you should not miss in 2013 please have a look at them and share your thoughts in our comments section below.


1. Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft security essentials is free and designed to be simple to install and easy to use. It runs quietly and efficiently in the background so you don’t have to worry about interruptions or making updates.

2. Norton Antivirus

Norton AntiVirus defends your computer against viruses, spyware, worms, bots, and other malicious software while minimizing the performance impact onto your computer. This enhanced protection system features multi-layered protection technologies that work simultaneously to proactively block cyber-attacks and detect and remove malicious threats before they can harm your PC. Norton AntiVirus offers a quick install time, fast boot time and has low memory needs which reduce the burden onto a system.

3. Avast AntiVirus

Simple and easy to use. Helps to keep you PC safe and secure.

4. AVG AntiVirus

5. McAfee Antivirus

Safely enjoy your digital lifestyle on the devices you use to connect. McAfee All Access delivers the security protection you need for the devices you use at home and on the move. You can connect, surf, and socialize online, knowing your computer, laptop, netbook, smartphone, and tablet are safe from malicious websites and hackers, viruses, scammers, cyber bullies, and identity thieves. You can even track, lock, or remotely wipe your missing smartphone or tablet. Our comprehensive protection lets you connect with confidence and enjoy the convenience your digital lifestyle offers.

6. Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus builds on the best antivirus technology for Windows to silently stop e-threats, secure online transactions, and defend your privacy on social networks.

7. Panda AntiVirus

Essential Protection, But more than a simple antivirus. The easiest to use protection. Install it and forget about viruses, spyware, rootkits and hackers. Protect your personal data against identity theft.

8. Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky antivirus has become very popular due to its fast detection of virus in the computer system. This system once installed is very easy to manage. It uses all kinds of advanced technologies to detect virus and remove them from the system.

9. Avira Antivirus

Avira is an amazing antivirus which very efficiently removes Trojans, spyware and viruses. It is a very efficient technology that also helps in tackling malware and stops trackers. It further prevents the users from entering any sites that may be harmful for the PC.

10. Webroot with Spy Sweeper

Webroot antivirus is one such amazing antivirus software that you can completely rely on. It really helps to stop any virus from entering the computer system very effectively. It is extremely fast in its action and is also very easy to use.

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  1. Sarahm

    Why didn’t you include Unthreat? it’s such a great program! I think it’s much better than Microsoft Security Essentials and Norton by far!

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